Chairman's Message

"Dream castle nursery" nature the dreams of child with in the protective & pleasant environment helping the child to explore the surroundings. School do not believe in mere acquisition of knowledge but skillful application of it in life. We endeavor to makes with good character & personality and illuminated with knowledge. This is a modern progressive nursery school having unique features & state of the art facilities.

The education we aim to give will help our students to sail through tough competition and tough situation smoothly tough competition and tough situation smoothly with mental & moral courage. The Committed, sincere staff and untiring team sprit and dedicated efforts is on its way to achieve excellence in education at.

I have every hope and belief that Cardina Public School is going to become a premier institution of its kind in this part of the world in the near future, amply fulfilling the education aspiration of the parents who bring their children to its portals.

"Language is only the instrument of science and words are but the signs of ideas."